Here’s some answers

Maybe someone has already asked something you’d like to know – have a read below and see if there are any questions you’d like to know the answer to before getting in touch. If your question isn’t answered below, feel free to pop me a message.

Q: What’s the difference between a Save the Date & an Invitation?

A: Save the Date – This is typically sent out well in advance (a year or more before your wedding day) and includes only the date & general location of your wedding.

Wedding Invitation – This is typically sent out closer to your wedding date (4 months or less) and includes all the details your guests would need to know. Location, exact times of ceremony & reception, dress code, plus one invites, children allowed/not etc.

Q: What is a Wedding Website?

A: Wedding websites are the best way to make sure your guests know exactly what to expect from your wedding day.

It’s a one-page drive-through website (with you and your bae’s personalised link) that your guests can use to get the lowdown on what they need to know.

The site will include everything from a countdown till your big day, your love story, the dos and don’ts, dress code, order of the day, accommodation and transport options in the area, RSVPs which can include your guest’s preferences/song choices etc.

A one-stop that won’t get lost in the mail!

Q: What is Wedding Stationery?

A: Wedding stationery can include (are you ready for it), save the dates, invitations, order of the day, did you knows, welcome signs, name tags, table seating charts, menus, table numbers, couple logo, thank you cards and anything in between!

Q: What if I haven’t decided on my colour scheme?

A: No problem, if you have a venue & wedding date but havent decided the finer details yet, then the ideal step to take is to send out a (minimalist) Save the Date. Many brides book their wedding date or venue up to 2 years in advance, there’s no need for a fancy/detailed Save the Date. We can do a simple design sent to your guests showing just your names & the date, that’s it. You can add the area you plan to get married too, especially if it’s a destination wedding, so people can get an idea of the cost involved to be there. 

Q: I havent booked anything, what must I do first?

A: If you’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! First things first, you need to get a rough idea on a guest list (for numbers). Before you go venue shopping you want to know roughly how many people you & your partner would like at your wedding so that you make sure you pick a venue that has just enough space (you dont want to be cramped and you also dont want your day to look empty). Once you have a rough idea then first up to book a venue so you have a wedding date, then you send out your Save the Date and get quotes from the vendors for your date (DJ, photographer, florist, bands, hair & make-up), when you have more details then its time to get your Wedding Website live so your guests can RSVP and let you know if they’re coming or not. 

Q: Do you do on the day set up?

A: Currently set up isn’t something that I offer.

Q: Can we have a coffee or a Zoom?

A: Yes sure, if you’d like to chat things through or have any questions you’d like answered, I’ll happily do a quick coffee/meet up to chat. 

Q: Where are you based?

A: I live in the Natal Midlands and have brides all over South Africa (and the world). I ship my stationery all over South Africa and arrange local printing for items printed on A3 or larger to avoid damage in transit.

Q: How does your pricing work?

A: The initial cost is a deposit to secure me for designing your stationery – this includes all the guidance surrounding your stationery – sizing, quantity, material to print on, what to include/exclude as content. 

Once this is done the remaining cost will be for printing, accessories (if you choose any) & shipping.

Q: What’s the difference between a Couple Logo & a Monogram?

A: So they are quite different but both of them are super gorgeous as an accent to your Wedding website and especially your Wedding Stationery! They are an awesome way for you and your partner to join your initials signifying your union. Here’s the breakdown of what the difference is.


Logo: A logo uses both partners’ letters to create a logo which can be used across your stationery elements – The letters, however stand alone and are used together. This often includes full names/wedding date etc.


Monogram: A monogram uses both partners’ letters interlaced with one another, if one element was removed, the other would not exist – this is meaningful for weddings as you plan to become one with your partner. This is usually a stand alone design (just the monogram, not the dates, full names etc.). This can be used across all your stationery elements.